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Zhejiang Pacific Seamless Steel Tube Co., Ltd

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  • Zhejiang Pacific Seamless Steel Tube Co., Ltd. is a subordinate enterprise of CITIC Taifu Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CITIC special steel). Under the group, Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Co., Ltd., Daye Special Steel Co., Ltd., Qingdao Special Steel Co., Ltd., Jingjiang Special Steel Co., Ltd., Tongling Taifu special material Co., Ltd. and Yangzhou Taifu special material Co., Ltd , Taifu special steel suspension (Jinan) Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Taifu seamless steel tube Co., Ltd. have formed the strategic layout of the coastal industrial chain along the river.

    CITIC special steel has an annual production capacity of more than 13 million tons of special steel, advanced technology and equipment in the world. It is currently a production base of high-quality special steel with a wide range of steel grades, a wide range of products and a wide range of product categories in the world. It has six product groups of alloy steel bars, special medium thick plates, special seamless steel pipes, special forging, alloy steel wires and continuous casting alloy round billets Deep processing products such as seasoning and tempering materials, silver bright materials, auto parts, grinding balls, etc., with complete varieties and specifications, excellent quality and obvious market competitive advantage, are sold well in China and exported to more than 60 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, the European Union, Southeast Asia, etc., and are favored by high-end users at home and abroad.

    CITIC special steel adheres to the concept of "integrity, innovation, efficiency, transcendence and integration", takes the benefit of society as its own duty, strives to build an environment-friendly, resource-saving and social harmonious enterprise, and strives to create the most competitive special steel enterprise group in the world.

    Zhejiang Pacific Seamless Steel Tube Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC special steel group. It is located in Xiaoyue Industrial Zone, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. It is located between Hangzhou and Ningbo in Hangzhou Bay economic developed area. It is close to Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway and less than 80km from the famous Beilun port. The transportation is convenient and the geographical location is very superior. Covering an area of 160000 square meters, the company has an annual production capacity of 180000 tons of various large-diameter thick wall special seamless steel pipes.

    The company's main products are high-pressure boiler pipes, petrochemical pipes, high-pressure gas cylinder pipes, military industrial pipes, alloy structural pipes, etc. the products are mainly for nuclear power, thermal power, petroleum, petrochemical, coal chemical and other energy equipment fields, with the ability to produce large caliber special pipes with the largest diameter of Ф 1200mm, the thickest wall thickness of 200mm and the longest length of 14m, and the weight of a single steel pipe can reach 16 tons. The products focus on solving and meeting the needs of domestic and foreign energy equipment field and large-scale equipment industry for large caliber thick wall special pipeline.

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  • Zhejiang Pacific Seamless Steel Tube Co., Ltd

    Address: Xiaoyue Street Industrial Zone, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, China

    Post code: 312367

    Tel.: + 86 575 8271 1908

    Fax: + 86 575 8271 1860

    Website: zjgg.citicsteel.com

  • 浙江泰富无缝钢管有限公司是中信泰富特钢集团股份有限公司(简称中信特钢)下属企业,集团旗下江阴兴澄特种钢铁有限公司、大冶特殊钢股份有限公司、青岛特殊钢铁有限公司、靖江特殊钢铁有限公司、铜陵泰富特种材料有限公司、扬州泰富特种材料有限公司、泰富特钢悬架(济南)有限公司和浙江泰富无缝钢管有限公司,形成了沿海沿江产业链的战略布局。

    中信特钢具备年产1300多万吨特殊钢生产能力,工艺技术和装备具备世界先进水平,是目前全球钢种覆盖面大、涵盖品种全、产品类别多的精品特殊钢生产基地,拥有合金钢棒材、特种中厚板材、特种无缝钢管、特冶锻造、合金钢线材、连铸合金圆坯六大产品群以及调质材、银亮材、汽车 零部件、磨球等深加工产品系列,品种规格配套齐全、品质卓越并具有明显市场竞争优势,产品畅 销全国并远销美国、日本以及欧盟、东南亚等60多个国家和地区,获得国内外高端用户的青睐。

    中信特钢秉承“诚信、创新、高效、超越、融合”的理念,以造福社会为己任,努力建设环境友好 型、资源节约型和社会和谐型企业,着力创建全球最具竞争力的特钢企业集团。

    浙江泰富无缝钢管有限公司是中信特钢集团的全资子公司,地处浙江省绍兴市上虞区小越工业区, 位于杭州湾经济发达地区的杭州和宁波之间,靠近杭甬高速,与著名的北仑港不过80Km,交通便捷, 地理位置十分优越。公司占地面积16万平方米,具有年产各类大口径厚壁特种无缝钢管18万吨的产能。